About the program

The Employment Passport is an exclusive customized program designed to:

Assess the needs of local labor
Provide support for overcoming barriers to enter the labor market

For individuals

This course will provide you with all the right skills to prepare you for entering the world of work by focusing on various education and training options.

Over the next few years, Luton will have more than 18,500 new jobs; many of them are highly skilled and earn above average salaries. Our purpose is to support the local people to get these jobs through this program.

One of the goals of our Luton Investment Framework is to “provide local jobs for local people.”

The program is designed and developed in collaboration with Job Center Plus, local employers and educational institutions to ensure that locals are prepared for a working life with the core skills and standards required by employers.

Everyone who completes the course will receive a passport and employment certificate.

For employers

The plan can be provided in cooperation with employers, and one of the following can be formulated:

– Custom activities
– Industry Day
– work experience
This will give you the opportunity to:

– Show job requirements to potential employees
– Test their skills and knowledge before entering the interview process
– Our professional team will work with you to develop a plan to support you in obtaining a suitable labor force.

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