Employment Mentors

We help “establish employment links.” Through one-to-one matching relationships, we connect new immigrants with professionals with similar occupations or skills and provide them with guidance and advice on entering the Canadian labor market.

From providing informative interviews to participating in social events, our mentors help our newcomers gain valuable knowledge and understand Canadian workplace culture and employment pathways in Canada.

New immigrant services include:

– Advice and guidance from employment mentors on Canadian workplace culture, employment and education pathways, job search strategies, etc.
– Soft skills employment training conducted by experienced moderators (5 week series)
– Invite to participate in professional social opportunities and events
– Professional development through designated workshop training

Eligibility criteria

– Permanent residents, naturalized citizens, temporary foreign workers, graduate work permit holders, refugees and refugee applicants
– Employed, unemployed or underemployed
– Intermediate English language proficiency

Visit employment mentor

– Contact us for more information and book a meeting now. Let us help you navigate your career path in Canada!

Want to be a mentor?

If you are interested in providing one-on-one support to newcomers in your field, please contact us. Your professional leadership and expertise are invaluable to our newcomers.

The volunteer tutors are:

– Leaders who are willing to invest time, employment expertise and expertise for newcomers
– Community members who are willing to guide new immigrants to understand the Canadian labor market
– Professionals who are committed to participating in social events and opportunities with students
– Goal-centric, aggressive leaders are willing to share their “happy” moments and employment advice with newcomers