1. What is a passport occupation?
Passport Career is an online global career program that provides services for organizations and their voters to find jobs overseas and adapt to overseas life. We are more than just an online resource: we are a complete system designed for international career development.
2. Who is using Passport Career?
Our clients come from various industries, including multinational companies, universities and colleges, government agencies and embassies, the military, multilateral organizations, international non-profit organizations, and relocation and mobile companies/DSPs.
3. What services do you provide?
Our services include employment prospects/industry trends, local job search resources, interview information, cultural advice, professional and social networking groups, resume/resume guide, work permit/visa advice, and more! Visit our service page for more information.
4. How can I enter Passport Career?
If you are an organization or educational institution that is interested in learning more about Passport Career, please contact us so we can arrange a demo and send you more information. If you are interested in letting us contact your organization or educational institution to provide Passport Career access for your use, please contact us and let us know! In the meantime, check out our Twitter, Facebook, Global Career Blog, and LinkedIn Global Professionals Group.
5. How many locations can I visit around the world through Passport Career?
We are proud to visit more than 250 destinations around the world, including 81 country combinations and 54 US city combinations. There are more than 100 other destinations under development, including 47 additional country combinations and 20 additional US city combinations.

We are also happy to provide the lowest cost for each destination among all global career resources.

Check out the map of our country.
6. How do I know that the information is accurate?
More than 300 experts around the world have contributed to the content of the Passport Career program. Currently, there are more than 120 expert consultants in every country/region covered by Passport Career. Our global team is constantly updating, enhancing and expanding our content. Most importantly, everything has been approved by our executive director and founder Susan Musich, M. Ed., GCDF.
7. How often is the content updated?
We have an excellent team dedicated to updating the resources on our public and private websites every day so that the information you have is always up-to-date and leading!
8. What is the difference between finding a job in Passport Career and using a free job search website?
Our mindset is that quality is better than quantity. We will not “flip” the same jobs offered through free job search engines. Instead of partnering with free job search engine companies to provide more and possibly unreliable job postings, we chose to analyze jobs and employers ourselves. We have carefully selected each of 2-3 million job and internship positions from a variety of online and offline resources from more than 90.000 active employers in 203 countries. Passport Career does this to ensure that you do not have to sort out spammers and illegal posts yourself. We do all this for you and update it every day!
9. Any questions? Welcome to contact us!