Customer testimonials are a powerful tool, and every brand should use it to show how their products or services can improve the lives of their customers.

No matter how compelling your copy is, how well-edited your photos are, or how charming your videos are, all other marketing is trivial compared to recommendations and reviews.

Social proof

Whether you are buying the best type of hiking shoes, interior decorating tips, or a new favorite restaurant, you can always turn to review sites to find options with up to 5 star reviews and customer recommendations.

Social has proven to be a natural part of life, and since the Internet and smartphones have taken over all our ways from communicating to deciding where to eat, marketers have been able to use it more.

Customer recommendations are a kind of beneficial social proof: they tell potential new customers the successes and victories that others have experienced when using your product or service. And because these people are real people, customers believe that they are fair and honest.

What is a testimony?

Testimonials are actually reviews or recommendations from customers to let others know how your product or service can benefit them. Customer recommendations can take many forms, but the goal is always the same: show how great your brand is.

Customer recommendations are more effective than paid marketing copies because they shift the spotlight from the seller to the customer.

Anyone who views your recommendation page can see things from a like-minded perspective, because all your current and previous customers have been potential customers, just like them.

Seeing how the decision to continue your service can benefit others is a great way to provide a real application for any content you provide.

To take this home, the study found that about 92% of people read customer recommendations when considering a purchase, and another 88% said they believe online reviews just as they trust recommendations from friends or family.

If 92% of people are looking for socially proven recommendation examples to help them make a purchase decision, then a high-quality recommendation page can obviously increase conversion rates and improve your brand image.